High Five for Friday/My Thankful Thirty

High Five for Friday!!!! Linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk today!

1. Amelia got new bedding this week! I hadn't really picked anything out since she moved into a twin bed so I've been browsing around lately. We were in Target the other day and this caught her eye. It is really adorable in person and she loves it. Oh and another great thing... since being home Amelia is sleeping in her bed! When I was at work it was easier if she just slept with me but now she's such a big girl!

2. Amelia is so darn cute! I love how matchy matchy little gangster she looks with her baggy sweats, Nike kicks and kitty hat... hahah. She is my favorite!

3. I love cute drawings! 

4. Grimm was filming a block from our house today, the neighborhood was buzzing with people and security. We walked over to see if they were currently filming but they weren't out when we were there. Pretty cool!

5. I finally finished the series this week! I read the first two books when they came out and I had a really hard time getting into this book. I think part of my issue was that I didn't really have time, and I felt this book was a little slow to start. I'm so glad I finally read it and finished out the series. Now on to finding another series to read... any suggestions?

November 9, 2012:
Today I am thankful for my amazing husband, Mark. Six years ago today we became "official"! I love that man so much, he is so supportive of everything I do. I couldn't have asked for a better husband; he is an incredible dad, works hard for our family and he really encouraged me to stay home with Amelia!

Tonight to celebrate 6 years together we went to the Baghdad Theater to have dinner and watch Campaign, which is hilarious!!! Our first date was to the Baghdad around Halloween in 2006, we watched Shaun of the Dead. I love that place, it has a really relaxed feeling about it. 

Amelia is staying with my mom tonight so I've gotta get up early to pick her up and take her to ballet. Good night all!

Ashley Elizabeth

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