My Thankful Thirty - November 7, 2012

November 7th:
Today I am thankful for the little homemaker gene that I got from my Mama! When I was working I dreaded any sort of house work because I was permanently exhausted. I hated dishes, laundry, cleaning and even cooking. Now that I am home, well rested and stress free I find myself getting excited to do the dishes and clean up the house. I think Mark is thankful as well! He no longer has to do the dishes every day. During my work days I would get home later in the evening and never had time to do the house work, so Mark picked up the slack. SO... I am very thankful that I enjoy cleaning our home, doing our laundry, washing our dishes and cooking for my family!!!!!

Today Amelia and I got up and headed over to my Grandma's house. My mom is still in town and we wanted to do some shopping, well sewing was on our agenda but I decided we could save that for another day. We started out at Target and got some incredible deals on their 90% off Halloween shelves. We then headed over toward their bedding department; I have been looking for new bedding for Amelia and haven't found anything reasonably priced that I liked. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on all of it because her taste and interest will undoubtedly change as she gets older. We found the perfect set for her and I ended up purchasing the quilt, sham, sheets, dust ruffle and wall decals. I'm excited to get working on her room now. After Target we went down to Old Navy. I had a $10.00 off $25.00 that I wanted to use. I only have a few long sleeved t-shirts so I picked up a few more, along with some tights for Amelia. We had to exchange some shoes that my sister Erica bought for Amelia at Nordstrom Rack so that was the next store we hit. I bought Amelia a cute knit blazer and an awesome leather jacket, along with a few Christmas presents. If you have never heard of a Fred Meyer Red Tag store... they are pretty awesome! There is only one that I know of in Portland so we headed there before going back to my Grandma's house. In the past we have gotten amazing deals on couches, bedding, home decor and clothes. The red tag store consists of all of Fred Meyer's clearance items on sale for an additional 60% off of the lowest price! Today I purchased a $40 lamp for $15, some Oregon State slippers for Amelia and a few other items. It was a big shopping day for us, and I spent more than I had planned, but I got some incredible deals! I always love a good deal!


Us being silly!

Well I'm headed out of here now. It has been a long busy day and I'm sleepy!

Ashley Elizabeth


  1. having a homemaker gene is most certainly a i don't have! haha

    Have a great night! Drop by and say hi!