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What a busy day today. I cover our dispatcher's days off so I worked a 9-6 shift... but ended up staying until 8pm because of a fire we had. I really will miss the incredibly busy fire days at ODF. I love being so swamped with fires and dispatching, it is my favorite part of the job. Since I was going to be getting out of there late tonight, my sister Grace picked up Amelia for me and dropped her off at the office. She likes hanging out and coloring at the office. 
 Dispatcher in training

Ready to head home after a long day at the office (1&1/2 hours)

I had set two goals a few post back but I can guarantee I am not going to accomplish either of them. Goal one was to track everything I consume on Sparkpeople.com, and the second was to go on a date with my husband. I failed on the first goal by the second day and as far as a date with my husband, it will happen soon I'm sure, just not within the two weeks I gave myself. 

This past weekend was pretty great! My sister and I headed down to Corvallis, Oregon for the Oregon State Beavers football game. It was a wonderful time! I went to Oregon State my first year of college and have some of the best memories ever from my time down there. It was wonderful to be back in that town. Erica was laughing that I can navigate around there better at night than in the day. We talked about possibly getting season tickets next year, how fun would that be! I took some pretty great pictures from the game but left my camera over at my Grandma's, so I will share those in another post, but show you the ones from my phone. 
 Oregon State

 My older sister Erica!



We got home from the game around midnight on Saturday so I definitely slept in on Sunday. Late afternoon we headed over to my Grandma's house and spent some time with my parents who came in to town Saturday. We played ball outside and had a great time until I got called to work. We had a fairly decent fire and I needed to head in and help out our dispatcher. I was at the office until 11:15pm and again, got home around midnight. Needless to say, Monday I was dragging. I'm enjoying my extra time in the dispatch center. I now only have 11 more days at the office so I'm glad to be getting a lot of co-worker hang out time in. 

I know this post is a lot of nothing... but I seem to be going and going... and going so much lately that it is hard to post anything but a quick post. 

One great thing I guess is that I did eat incredibly well the past two days. I think once I'm home every day I will be on a roll, but for now I'm just happy to have not eaten all of the tempting sweets that have been placed in front of my face lately. I mean, we have had ice cream in the house for over a week now and I've only had two servings. Yay me! 

Good night all!

Ashley Elizabeth

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