High Five For Friday

I've been waiting for Friday since Monday! I haven't been getting enough sleep lately and find myself dragging. I'm typically very vitamin-D deficient, like a lot of Oregonians, so it's time to start hitting the D drops again. Perhaps that will help put a little pep in my step. So, here is my high five post for Friday!
1. My best friend's mom is watching Amelia for my last few days at work. Amelia LOVES it over there and told me that they are her best friends. I took this picture only a few minutes after we left Tina's house; I'm pretty sure they wore her out with all of their fun! I just love the sleepy babe, rain boots and a giant leaf (the leaf is larger than Amelia's head).

2. This past week we've had an unusually high amount of fruit flies. We didn't even have this many during the summer when our home was filled with fresh fruit and veggies. A co-worker said that her house has them as well. Thankfully Mark and I know how to kill them! Best fruit fly concoction you will ever find. 

3. This is my daily water jug! Amelia has decked it out with some stickers, but I rock this Beavers mug every day. For some reason today I was exceptionally thirsty and had over two of these to drink. I love my water.

4. Chores! I love that Amelia now has a few chores. She feeds her fish and then gets her Rudy cat food and water every morning.
5. My love and I... soon to be home together EVERY DAY!!! Only two more days at the office. 
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. We are plagued with fruit flies as well....I have to know what that concoction is!

    1. Apple cider vinegar in a little dish with a few drops of dish soap stirred in... Best concoction ever! Seriously, they will flock to it right away and then drown. I change ours out everyday and keep two of them out at once until they start dying off.