High Five for Friday 10/12

Here is my late high five for Friday post. I spent Friday evening out shopping with my mom & sisters, and didn't get home until close to midnight... So here is my little recap on this past week.

1. Since my fall down our stairs (one month ago) I have been sore off and on. This past week my right leg really started to swell and both of my legs eventually puffed up like balloons. Above is a picture I took at the doctor's office while I waited. My leg hurts so bad that I can barely push down on the gas pedal. My doctor put me on a water pill for a week so that the swelling would go down, and from there we will figure out if my knee is just a simple strain/sprain or something else. I think the pain could just be from the swelling. 

 2. Amelia and I have always read at night off and on, but lately we are making a habit of reading. There are two books that she absolutely loves and knows well enough know to read them to me. I love this time together.

 3. I'm cleaning out my office and packing up all of my things. Amelia drew this on my whiteboard at work and I've kept it there ever since. I will let the girl that was hired to replace me erase it... I love it too much!

4. I love my little lunch break visitor!!!

5. I love fall! It is probably my favorite season of all (not intending to rhyme). The colors, the smells, the early sunsets, sweaters, boots, cider, being cuddled up in a blanket... all things I love. This week we had to turn on the heat a few nights. We didn't run it all night, just long enough to take the chill off... but it was so cozy in the house.

Ashley Elizabeth

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