Bird house

If you are wondering why the title of my blog post is bird house, I was trying to decide what to call it and Amelia said "name it bird house"... and so I did.

I had not intended to hop on here tonight and post but I had to share a few funny things from the day. First off, Amelia is such an awesome kid! and she says some of the greatest things. On our drive home today she scared me half to death when she hollered at me...

Amelia "MAMA MAMA LOOK... look up in the sky"
Me "What honey" (said as I'm trying to look up but also keep my car on the road)
Me "Oh really (looking out at the daylight sky). Where is the shooting star"
Amelia "Up there, I see it right up there"

What she thought was a shooting star was actually a contrail. There was no way I was going to tell her any different, she was so excited about what she had just seen.

Once we arrived home I saw her going through  my purse and attempting to get in my wallet. Another silly exchange of words...

Me "What are you doing in my purse?"
Amelia " I just need some cash Mama"
Me "What?"
Amelia "Cash......... Money, I need money Mama"

And so it starts.

So with my new job title of stay at home Mom I've decided to provide childcare out of my home. I don't want to have a house full, just a couple. Tonight I was getting a background check for Mark and I, this is a total first for me, so that I can provide it for one of the moms I met with. My background check came back 100% clean! Not a thing on there. Mark's background check of course had a few tickets, and something else I found to be quite strange. Apparently my husband is on the bronze medalist Olympic equestrian team. HA! Oh my, I'm quite certain they have the wrong Mark. Most of the other information was spot on, but we live in a rental home and are not owners of some high class stable... and there isn't a medal hanging on our wall.

At this point I can't believe that I only have 4 working days left at the office. I worked my buns off today, so much so that my weigh in showed a total of 10 pounds lost since October 8th. I'm ecstatic!

Well I'm off for the night, but as usual I can't post without a picture! and as usual, my go to girl is Amelia!

Exhausted Babes sleep sitting up!!!

Ashley Elizabeth

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