Snuggles, Pets and Contractions

Well, we are officially one week out from our due date. I'm sitting here breathing through contractions as I type this up, wondering when little Cecilia will make her debut in this world.
I'm hoping she arrives before next weekend. My sister Erica is going out of town and I really want her to be here when baby girl is born. I think we've got a general idea of what will happen when I go into labor. Thank God for my family! They have offered to do so much to help us out during that time. My mom, Aunt Debbie, Erica, Grace and brother in-law Chris have all offered to be available and take time off of work if needed. I've even had a couple of friends offer to be there for anything we need. I feel really blessed to have them all. It's not as easy logistically when it's your second kiddo and the first is in school. We don't want Amelia to miss much, if any, school, but we also want her there when her sister is born and my family is making that happen for us. 

We had a pretty great weekend. It was laid back which is just what I needed. Mark had to work all weekend, so I got a lot of one on one Amelia time. We slept in Saturday and spent a little time in bed snuggling, downloading new books onto her Kindle and loving on our Rudy cat.
Yes, our curtain is a sheet... we're remodeling. 

I decided we needed to make a trip out to Craft Warehouse. Amelia has never been out there with me and I was hoping to find some stuff for the nursery. If ever there was question as to whether or not she's my kid... take her to craft warehouse. She had to look at every single thing and added so many things to our cart. I ended up with nothing, but somehow spent a lot. I have so many ideas for the girls bedrooms, but they didn't have what I needed. Looks like a trip to Hobby Lobby is a must soon!! This is the super awesome fabric that Amelia picked out (oh my sarcasm). She wants to make her stuffed horses some blankets out of it. I'm pretty sure if my mom took me in a store and let me pick out any fabric at Amelia's age it would have been some equally special penguin fabric. 

After our trip to the craft store, which Amelia is now obsessed with, we stopped by and visited with my mom and grandma. It's so cute how my grandma is just waiting for Cecilia to get here. Every time I walk through the door she says "you're still here?" As if I'd go into labor and not tell my 92 year old grandma. She's so cute. 

Today Amelia had Irish dance and after we stopped by the pet shop. Last weekend we volunteered at church for Amelia's school. I was talking with two of the moms about our pets and mentioned that we've had some of our fish for five years, and one of them since last Christmas. Well, when we got home that same morning one of our fish, the beta that Amelia got for Christmas, was dead. Poor Rosie. Amelia cried a little and told us she went to heaven. I let her pick out a new beta today. It's a really pretty one that she named Storm. 

Of course she had to check out the bunnies too. That girl has been asking for a bunny for two years now. 

I hope you all had equally enjoyable weekends. I'm looking forward to a productive week. I have a long list of things I hope to accomplish. Fingers crossed. 
Ashley Elizabeth

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