Mother Daughter Dates

There is a special bond between a mother and her daughter. I can't imagine what my life would be like without Amelia. She really is the most amazing little lady ever. I think it is incredibly important to spend as much time as possible making memories with our little ones. Even simple things can have a huge impact on our children and give them something to remember for the rest of their lives.

Get dressed up and go out to dinner. Let your little lady wear some blush and lipstick, put on some fancy clothes and take her out for a night on the town. Pick a restaurant she will love and save room for dessert.

Visit a local library. Our library has toddler story time and preschool story time, each two days a week. After story time, let your little girl pick out some books to take home and read with you later.

Play at the park. Put down your phone, get up off the bench and swing next to her. Go down the slide, run around playing tag, kick a ball together or play on the teeter totter. She will enjoy the park much more if you are playing with her.

Go to a movie. Let her pick out everything. Movie and snacks.

Walk to a local coffee shop and grab some hot cocoa, a steamer or an Italian soda. Have a seat at a table by the window and talk to your daughter. Conversations with little ones are the best.

Craft. If you don't have craft supplies at your house already go to a JoAnn's, Michael's or your nearest craft store and pick up a few things. Glitter, beads, paper, paint... whatever you fancy. Just have fun creating something wonderful with your girl.

Take a trip to the nearest children's museum. You might even be able to get free passes from your local library.

Visit the zoo. It might be fun, depending on the age, to take a sketch pad and have your little one draw each animal you see. 

Mani/Pedi dates are always fun. If you don't want to spend the money to have them done somewhere you can do them at home and have just as much fun.

Have a game night. Get in your pajamas and grab all of the games you have.

Close yourself in her bedroom and play... play babies, barbies, legos, ponies, house and whatever else she likes to play.

Teach her about paying it forward. If she's old enough, volunteer together. If she's still too young, give packages to and do things for people in need.

Have a tea party. and dress up.

Dance party. We love to crank up some music and dance like crazy. You could even add to the fun of it and give makeovers before. Let her put make up on you and pick out your outfit.

Cook. Bake. Either one, include her in preparing dinner or a yummy treat. Wear aprons, let her put in the ingredients and even lick the spoon.

Go to a show. There are often kid friendly options available for plays and musicals. Portland has great options for children's theater performances. You can find local ones in your area with a quick google search.

Paint your own pottery and ceramic places have popped up all over around here. Let her pick out something special to paint for her bedroom or to display in your home. This is such a fun thing to do!! They even make great gifts!

Movie Night. Amelia and I often have Friday night movie night while Mark is at work. We usually pick out a new movie that we haven't seen, grab some snacks and snuggle down in bed to watch it together.

Picnic. Pack up some of your favorite foods and head to a nearby park or waterfront. Take a blanket, a basket and sit outside having lunch and enjoying each other's company.

Hike. It doesn't have to be an all day thing, but exploring new places can be such a fun adventure.

Play a sport together. Whether it's kicking around a soccer ball, shooting some hoops, playing some tennis or another sport that your little one loves, there will surely be a lot of laughs and fun memories made.

Road Trip. It can even be a day trip. Pack up the car and head out for the day. If you have a beach nearby, mountains close or a cool town not too far away, go explore a new place.

Let her plan the date and go with it!

A lot of these ideas can really be used for dates with your daughter or son, but since I'm a girl mom I thought I'd share some of our favorite things to do. What are some of your favorite things to do with your littles?

Ashley Elizabeth


  1. What a sweet list!! I'd love to do all of these things as Olive gets a little older. She already enjoys hanging out with me so it'll be fun when she's old enough to pick out the restaurants, movies, treats, etc. Thanks for your suggestions :)

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