Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday All!!!
This week had some pretty great moments. Here is a quick recap.

Amelia got a sewing machine over a year ago and we just now pulled it out of the box. She's been dying to learn how to sew. Her first project was a baby blanket and it turned out great. I think she's a natural.

My sister Erica and I spent the day together on Monday. She works so much that we don't get to do that very often. We headed out to a children's store on Mississippi Ave in Portland, then we went to Ruby Jewel for ice cream! Yummy!!! She had a doctor's appointment mid day and then we ended our hangout session with a trip to Ikea and happy hour. It was such a fun day!!!

We bought this dresser off of Craigslist a few months back. I knew I wanted something that I could use as a changing table and this was just right. We only paid $50 for it. Mark sanded it for me last weekend and I was certain I had picked out the perfect paint color for it. We plan on painting the dresser and one accent wall in the nursery the same color. So I went and picked up the paint, super excited to get going on this project, and when I started the first coat I knew it was all wrong. I hoped it would dry darker, but it didn't. My awesome husband, knowing that I was super sad about this, told me to go pick something else out. I tried three new colors and ended up with one I am absolutely in love with. I can't wait to reveal the finished dresser. I just put the second coat on and it's awesome!

I had my 38 week ultrasound and check up on Thursday. We've now had every ultrasound tech at the clinic tell us that baby girl has a head of hair. They've even shown us a few whispy curls on the ultrasounds. This week I'm definitely feeling like they might be right, and I blame Mark and his head of thick hair. Holy heartburn. I didn't have any with Amelia, but this is constant now. Even just drinking water. Ugh, I feel so sorry for people who have to deal with this on a regular basis. Everything looked good though at the check-up. We're just anxiously awaiting her arrival.

We spent one evening setting up baby gear. The bassinet, bouncer and stroller. Since the remodel has us sleeping in the nursery, we are just keeping everything in a corner of the living room, but it still feels nice to have some of that stuff put together. Amelia was excited to try it all out with her animals.

I'm looking forward to a weekend hanging out with Amelia at home. I need some girl time with her. I've commissioned her to create some watercolor art for the nursery and I can't wait to see what she comes up with. She's going to start on them tomorrow, then we are going to find some old frames and paint them to match the nursery accent wall. I just love the art she creates. We also have a lot of decor to make for Amelia's room and some organizing to do in there. It's taking a while, but this house is starting to come together. I think our new couch and love seat will be here this next week!!! Mark is going to begin some projects in our bedroom. That's the last room in the house to be remodeled. We have a few things here and there in every other room (like painting trim), but our room is completely unlivable. Hopefully I'm able to help him out some. I'm anxious to get this place finished!

Enjoy the weekend!
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Spending the day with your sister sounds like so much fun! My sister lives several states away, so I rarely get to see her. Have a fun weekend with your daughter creating art!

  2. Oh!! wow. There's lot of things going on in your life. Jack of all trades. Would want to know out of all what do you love to do most? thanks for the answer in advance