38 Weeks

How far along: 38 weeks

Current size: according to our ultrasound tech she's about 40th percentile. 6lbs 5oz. about. So if we make it to her due date they are guessing she'll weight about the same that Amelia did. 

Due Date: February 7, 2016    

Symptoms: I hadn't had any morning sickness for a while now, but all of a sudden this past week I've been sick almost daily. The nurse said it's a sign that she's coming soon. We'll see. She dropped several weeks ago and the pressure is crazy intense. I've had more and more contractions, but they obviously haven't amounted to anything yet. 

Gender: A precious baby girl

Name: Cecilia Kateri

Movement: She moves all of the time. Poor girl is running out of space and her movements usually lead to a major lump off to one side of my belly. Feeling the baby move is my favorite part of being pregnant and she's definitely giving me plenty of movement. 

Clothes: maternity jeans, maternity tops and regular leggings. I am so glad I haven't had to buy a ton this pregnancy. 

Sleep: It's been a roller coaster. One night I don't sleep more than an hour or two, and the next I sleep great. I'm up at least every hour each night, but I've been able to take a nap a few days lately so that's helped. 

Cravings/Aversions: I can't get enough ice water. Other than that I don't really have any cravings. 

Appointments: We've been having weekly appointments since 32 weeks now. We have also been having weekly ultrasounds too. With the amount of contractions and pre-labor signs I was showing they've kept a close eye on her. Thankfully she's stayed in like she's supposed to and after watching her breathing on the ultrasound for the past few weeks she's good to come whenever (according to my midwives). Part of me has felt this entire time that she won't make it to her due date, and part of me is now thinking she'll go past. 

Latest Things: My sisters threw a beautiful baby shower for me last weekend. I just wanted it to be a small event that my 92 year old grandma could take part in. They held it at her house and I had local family and a few of my closest friends attend. I really feel blessed by the amount of love shown to use by everyone. To know that others share in the joy that Cecilia is bringing to our family warms my heart. I can't wait to hold both of my girls in my arms at the same time. 

What are you doing to prepare: My hospital bag isn't packed yet haha, but I have most of the stuff pulled out and sitting on my dresser. I've washed most of her clothes, but we have yet to paint her dresser so I'm going to be working on that this week. Our cloth diapers arrived and I'm so excited to use them. I know she probably won't fit in them for a few weeks or even a couple of months, but I'm still excited just to have them in the house. We are still sleeping in her nursery because of the home remodel, but I'm working on the decor and will get started on decorating as soon as our bedroom is done. I doubt it will be before she arrives, but I'm totally fine with that. I pulled out her carseat, started packing her diaper bag, set up her bassinet and put the stroller together. 

Looking forward to: being able to do all of the things I want to do. SPD is not my friend and it has grown increasingly difficult to function as I near the end of this pregnancy. I have energy and want to do a lot of things, but the pain just doesn't allow me to. I'm really looking forward to the day when I can load up Cecilia in her stroller and head out for a walk with my family. One that doesn't lead to my hips killing me.  

38 week thoughts: I'm in full nesting mode now and want to clean, sort, organize, decorate and do anything else that needs to be done. I still can't believe how quickly time has gone by. It seems like yesterday we were buying tons of tests and hoping and praying so hard for another baby and now... two more weeks until her due date... seriously? and then the following week I will have a 7 year old. Slow down!!! 
Ashley Elizabeth

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  1. I can't believe it's almost baby time!! Here's to hoping your last few weeks are uneventful and you have an easy delivery. She's a lucky little lady to be joining your family. Glad you're moved into your new place & hope you get your master bedroom done soon. Can't wait to see pictures!