ten things I love about blogging

I was going to wow you all with a wonderful craft project that Amelia and I worked on last night, but it ended up looking like a painting of boobs with bright pink nipples. Definitely not blog worthy. So instead I'm going to link up with Endlessly Beloved to share with you all my top ten favorite things about blogging. I really could go on and on about my love of blogging, but I'll spare you the ridiculously long post that would end up being.

I started blogging when Amelia was a baby as a way to keep my mom and other family members updated on the things going on in our life. I never knew that this would become anything more than that. I've learned so much since I started blogging, I've "met" so many amazing people and I'm so excited to see where this blog goes in the future.

1. the writing. I have always loved writing. I have journals galore of poetry I've written. I have a book in my head that I need to sit down and type up. I always loved writing huge papers in school. So why wouldn't I love having a reason to write almost every day.

2. the creativity. I am an incredibly crafty person. I love that I can share the things I create with others, and also gain some ideas from fellow bloggers out there.

3. the community. There are more bloggers out there than I ever imagined. I follow some pretty incredible women who have some amazing content on their blogs. If you haven't ventured into the world of reading blogs, I definitely recommend it.

4. the photos. It's not secret that I love photos. There are some blogs out there with the most beautiful photos. Pictures of scenery, food, craft projects... I love it all.

5. the documentation. I love that I have a space that holds some of my most favorite memories. I like to document the important things in our life and I'm glad I will have this blog that Amelia can read when she's older.

6. the motivation to do things. Seriously... when I get in a blogging rut I know it's because we haven't been up to much. Blogging helps me to get off my butt and do things. Making memories and having adventures. Creating new craft projects, trying new recipes and exploring the place where we live a little more.

7. the opportunity. There are so many opportunities that can arise with blogging. I have big goals for my blog and I really hope that I can eventually get it there.

8. the readers and their comments. I appreciate and love every comment written on my blog and the interaction with my readers that come with the comments.

9. the happiness. Blogging makes me happy.

10. the fact that this is all my own. I get to write what I want, when I want and nobody can say a thing about it. I love the freedom that blogging gives me. I have control over what my blog is. I can make this whatever I want it to be and I absolutely love that about blogging!

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