Sunny Days and Sandy Beaches

What a great weekend this was. Saturday was the usual ballet and ice skating for Amelia. Our friend is being deployed to Afghanistan later this month so we headed to a barbecue after and spent some time with friends. It was great to see everyone. Sunday we decided to take Grace and Chris out for dim sum. It was delicious as always. After we ventured to Sauvie Island to soak up some sun. It was gorgeous out there.

I hope you all had an excellent weekend. I am in the mood to accomplish things! Hopefully I can get some spring cleaning done this week. I need organization and to get rid of some stuff. I have practically every item of clothing Amelia has ever owned. Most of her clothes still look brand new and most weren't cheap. I just hate parting with items that I know cost a decent amount of money for garage sale prices (like a dollar). I do plan on keeping a lot in case we have another girl (highly unlikely in Mark's family), or to stash away for when she has kids. I always love putting her in clothes my sisters and I wore. Anyway, what's on your agenda for the week? How is your spring cleaning going?
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