A great weekend it was

Happy Monday! This weekend went by way too fast, but all of the good weekends do that. Saturday Amelia had her first ballet class of the new term. We decided to switch her from Thursdays to Saturdays since Mark's patient load is increasing and he can't always take her now. She spent an hour at ballet, came home and changed clothes (and hairstyles) and then we headed out the door to the ice skating rink. Grace and Chris were both off so they decided to come and do the community skate while she was in class. Mark also joined in and did fairly well for his first time ever on ice.

Family selfie after ice skating
Sunday morning we slept in a little and then Amelia and I got ready to head out for a day of fun together. The sun was out which was awesome! I took Amelia to Petite Provence and let me just say, their treats are delicious. We had a chocolate mousse cup and it was so rich and yummy.

Afterwards we went grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and Fred Meyer. I love having a little helper along with me.
We ended our night over at my Grandma's house with my sisters and Chris for a family dinner and church. It was a great weekend. Looking ahead in the forecast we should have some sunny days this week. I can't wait to head outdoors with the kids to soak up some rays.

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