Nautical Clothing for Little Girls

I am a sucker for nautical clothing. I absolutely love the red, white and blue outfits that scream sunny days and warm beaches. Here are a few of my favorite items that would look adorable on any little girl.

anchor sleeveless blouse - Janie & Jack
navy peep toe shoes - Janie & Jack
red skinny jeans - Old Navy
Sperry boating shoes - Nordstrom
anchor bag - Janie & Jack
sailor dress and cap - Best Dressed Tot
white skinny jeans - Gap
blue sunglasses - Janie & Jack
striped sun hat - Gymboree
navy sweater - Gap
striped peplum top - Nautica
white sunglasses - Gap
anchor swimsuit - Janie & Jack
white Saltwater sandals - Nordstrom
red ballet flat - Nordstrom
sailboat t-shirt - Old Navy
navy shorts - Old Navy

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Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Adorable! I have a little sailor outfit from the Harajuku lovers kid's line that I am obsessed with. Totally get the infatuation!

  2. How cute! When my daughter was little, like 3 or younger, she had some nice nautical outfits. Now, though, she just isn't into it. Darn!

  3. I'd like one of each of these for Olive, please :)

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