Roller Blades and Dress Up Clothes

I can't believe I disappeared completely from blogging this past week. My life was taken over by a little thing called chaos. I've been on the go non-stop and to top it off... I'm sick. Amelia is sick. Mark is sick. We've all come down with a cough and runny nose... and it's no fun at all. Amelia and I spent the weekend up at my mom's house. Mom had a personal matter to attend to yesterday and I wanted to be there with her. I'm so glad we were able to go up. Amelia roller bladed, rode her bike, played with Grandma's toys and had a wonderful time. Amelia and I have some craft projects in the works so hopefully I will have some awesome things to share on here soon, but for today I will just share with you a few photos from our weekend up at mom's.

LOVE my little rebel
playing dress up
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