A Happy Week

This week was great. I'm hoping the sun we have today will stick around through the weekend. Amelia has ballet class and ice skating lessons tomorrow and then we are completely free Sunday. I'm looking forward to spending time with Mark and Amelia.

1. Amelia and I shot this fun video at her favorite store this weekend. There were a few bloggers giving away a Target giftcard. We haven't heard if our video won yet but Amelia is keeping her fingers crossed. She wants to buy a stuffed kitty and then spend the rest on the soldiers that we adopted. Yep... she has a kind little heart. 

 2. This past weekend Mark had to work so Amelia and I spent a lot of time sleeping in and snuggling. I snapped this little beauty in the early morning hours. Love her.

3. This past weekend my cousin Rick and his kids were in town for a visit. They came over and had dinner with us Saturday night and the kids played so hard. Sunday we went and saw them at my Grandma's house. The girls were all on the couch looking outside and my Grandma told me to go out and snap a photo of them. This was the end result.

 4. So this week Amelia was turning her nose up at every thing I offered her for lunch. Finally I got frustrated and said "fine... then you go make your lunch". She got out the step stool, climbed on counters, gathered her ingredients and made herself a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich. She took the time (about 10 minutes) to cut off the entire crust (she hates it) and was so proud of herself. First bite and she got the most disgusted look on her face and uttered "THIS IS GROSS... YUCK!" Let's just say it went into the garbage and the options I had offered didn't sound so bad to her after that.

 5. Out enjoying the beautiful sunny days this week. It rained a lot, but we took advantage of every dry sunny afternoon.

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