The Uptown Billiards Experience

Last week my sisters and I went out to dinner to a place called Uptown Billiards. Erica had been there before and said that they do five course meals with a theme, the theme changing every two weeks. This time it was strawberries, and the menu sounded delicious. I was excited to get some good sister time in. 

You can choose to just do the meal, or to add the wine and cocktail pairings. Since five full glasses of wine seemed like a lot, Erica and I split the pairings. 

First Course: A strawberry, cucumber, basil and radish salad aside an oyster on the half shell topped with a strawberry, cucumber and basil granita, all drizzled with olive oil and 25 year balsamic

I was a little unsure about the oyster. I have never tried an oyster, and in fact I had avoided them like the plague. Going in to this dinner we all agreed that we would at least try every single item. I was surprised that it was actually good. I'm not sure how I would feel if it were prepared any other way, but the strawberry granita on top was delish! The salad was wonderful!

Second Course: seared foie and brioche with wilted spinach, salted oven baked brandied strawberries and a strawberry creme brulee

First of all, we should have never looked up with foie was before we tried it. Foie is the fatty liver of a duck. That being said, we tried it and let's just say... Erica and I neither one ate more than the one bite we tried. This course was my least favorite, but only because of the foie and wilted spinach. The creme brulee was wonderful! 

Third Course: barley and strawberry pancake crusted salmon with a watercress salad with a brown butter champagne broth with morels, ramps and strawberries

This course was amazing! It sounds a bit odd, but it truly was delicious. The salmon had amazing flavor and the pancake soaked up with sauce, which had incredible flavor. 

Fourth Course: grilled lamb loin topped with a rogue blue cheese and strawberry butter atop a ragout of crispy fingerling potatoes, asparagus, wild onions and roasted morels and a demi glace

This course was really delicious as well. It was Grace's first time trying lamb and it was very flavorful. The whole thing was wonderful.

Fifth Course: strawberry blueberry roulade, whipped strawberry cream and strawberry lemongrass sorbet

This dessert was AMAZING! The entire thing was awesome, not a single complaint. The roulade wasn't too sweet, so the strawberry whipped cream and the sorbet was a great addition. Grace's comment was "I'm not even done yet and I want more". That's how good it was. 

So I am now a fan of Uptown Billiards. I'm looking forward to a menu that both Mark and I want to try so that we can make a date night of it. Excellent food, great atmosphere and an all around awesome time. 

Ashley Elizabeth

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