High Five For Friday from Washington

Happy hot and humid Friday! Yesterday my mom, Amelia and I drove the 8 hours up to my mom's house in NE Washington. My air conditioning in my car went out and it was a sweltering drive up, but now that we are here we are having a great time.

Linking up with Lauren at The Lauren Elizabeth today for H54F.

1. Sunday we rode the Oregon Coast Scenic Train. You can read my post on our adventures at the beach here.

2. Amelia and I have been having a lot of game nights lately. What a great way to end our days!
3. Most of our butterflies have, as Amelia says "come out of their coons". We plan to release them once we are home Monday. This was such a fun little process to watch and I will definitely do this again next year. If you have never seen the kits to "grow your own butterfly garden" then you can find the information here. The butterflies we have are Painted Lady Butterflies.
4. Yesterday my mom, Amelia and I drove from Oregon City to Colville, Washington. It was a super hot journey but we made pretty good time for the amount of stops we made. I love it up in Colville.
5. Getting ready to head out into the heat and get the AC fixed in my car... and to wander Colville.

Enjoy the weekend and stay cool and safe
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. These butterflies are way too awesome :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

    1. I know! I love that my daughter has enjoyed watching the whole process.