Oregon Coast Scenic Train Ride

What an incredible summer we are having so far. I know I've talked on the blog about how hard of a decision it was to leave my job with the department of forestry, but having time in the summer to enjoy the outdoors and see new things is definitely a wonderful thing. My sister Grace works as a wildland firefighter and hearing her talk about the crew being on and fires makes me sad to be missing out, but I'm positive I made the right decision at the right time in my life. This summer is going to be a whirlwind of camp outs, weddings, road trips, lazing about and making new memories on great adventures.

This past weekend we headed to the coast, just Mark, Amelia, my mom and I. Living Social had a coastal train excursion deal and I had purchased four tickets. Amelia loves trains but had never ridden on a real one so it was a fun trip. Saturday afternoon we headed over and got checked into our hotel. My mom and I did some shopping at the outlet mall while Mark and Amelia played on the beach. The casino in Lincoln City had a huge fireworks display so we decided to watch that. It really was the perfect weekend to be at the coast with so much going on.
Sunday morning we woke up and got ready to head up to Garibaldi, Oregon where we were going to catch the train. You can find out more about the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad here.

Amelia was so excited to board the train, but I could tell she was a little unsure of what the experience would be like. Her and my mom sat across from Mark and I, facing us.
Excited but unsure at the same time

Sitting with Grandma Tami

We had some great views of the bay along the way. The train runs from Garibaldi to Rockaway and then back.
A picture I snapped as we were riding the train

A picture I took of the train. 

My Instagram train pic

I love the amazing relationship my Mama has with my daughter

After our two hour train ride we headed toward home. Amelia had a wonderful time, as did the rest of us. It was a great first train ride for our little bug! 

Ashley Elizabeth

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