High Five For Friday!

Happy Friday! Linking up with Lauren over at The Lauren Elizabeth for High Five For Friday.

This week was a crazy one. It was hard to limit this post to five highlights... and even at that I threw in a few additional pictures just because I had to. 

1. Amelia had two ballet performances last weekend. It was such a great production and all of the ballerinas did a wonderful job! 

2. For Father's Day Amelia gave Mark this canvas. It turned out wonderful!

3. The Oregon City Trolley started running this Thursday, which was also Mark's birthday. My mom, Mark, Amelia and I went for a ride on it. If you live in the area and haven't gone for a ride yet, I recommend checking it out. There is a lot of history given on the little journey around historic OC.

4. Today Amelia and I went and got pedicures. It was so nice to get a little pampering with my lovely. Her toes are absolutely adorable.

5. Amelia held a frog for the very first time tonight at Erica's house. She put her nose down to it and it jumped, which scared her to death. Too cute!

An extra picture for H54F... I love the flowers we have in our yard.

My little sister turned 21 last week and we celebrated with a fun bash. Here are a few pictures from the night. She is such a cutie!

Ashley Elizabeth


  1. What a beautiful week! Amelia is a doll - and brave too for holding that frog and performing. :) Hope your weekend has been amazing. #H54F


    1. Aww, thank you so much... and thanks for stopping by my blog!