High Five For Friday

I feel like I've been so absent on my blog lately, perhaps I need to start doing some fun things so that I have something to write about! Linking up with Lauren at The Lauren Elizabeth for High Five For Friday.

1. Mark and I went out on a date last weekend into Portland. We were supposed to go to my friend's dragon boat fundraiser, but it got moved back a couple of hours and Mark had to work. We went to the Sapphire Hotel, which used to be a brothel back in the day, and enjoyed some yummy food and drinks. It was a really cool place, but incredibly loud. We sat at the bar and they have the most amazing bartender I've ever seen. He was mixing drinks like a mad man.

2. Since our fridge was out for almost two weeks, we spent a lot of meals eating out. Saturday Mark, Amelia and I went to Famous Dave's. Thankfully our new fridge arrived Wednesday.

3. Oregon rain... gotta love it! We've been  having plenty of it lately.

4. We had a fun evening hanging out with my neighbor Kim and her family. I've known Kim since we were younger and I love that we share a fence. She made me a delicious bowl of margarita and our kiddos played the piano while the men folk chatted.

5. My baby girl got her very first haircut today! It was down to her little bum and they took over 5 inches off. She looks so different to me. It is such a cute little salon and Amelia did great.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. 

Ashley Elizabeth


  1. It looks like you guys had a great weekend!!

    1. It was a wonderful week. I'm looking forward to a summer full of adventures.