What a great day it is going to be! I don't have any littles to watch today so it is just my girl and I... which thrills her. It has been a pretty busy yet somewhat laid back week. Linking up with The Lauren Elizabeth for H54F. 

1. I hope all of you mothers out there had a wonderful weekend! I spent Mother's Day with my Grandma, Mama, sisters, aunts, an uncle, Mark and my girl. Here is the present that Amelia made for my mom. It turned out so cute. 

2. Another Mother's Day picture... but I love these two! 

3. I love this spot! This waterfall is up the Molalla River. I usually only make it up here in the middle of summer, when it isn't doing much, so I was happy to see it before it becomes a trickle. 

4. Spending time with this girl is the best thing in the entire world! Her and I had a fun week of hanging out and being goofy. 

5. Saw this and found it to be a good reminder to strive for happiness every day. 

Have a great weekend!
Ashley Elizabeth

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