Friday! Oh how I've been waiting for Friday to get here. Today is day 4 of a migraine I've had and I'm ready to just hide away in my bedroom and not come out until it's gone. Things have been ridiculously hectic around here lately, and while I like keeping busy... I would really love a vacation. Here is a recap of my week. Linking up with Lauren over at The Lauren Elizabeth for High Five For Friday.

1. My mom went into the ER a week ago Thursday and ended up having to have two surgeries. We spent a lot of time at the hospital visiting her. I'm so happy she is out and on the mend.

2. Amelia's ballet studio participated in the Oregon City Teddy Bear Parade over the weekend. The kids all did a wonderful job and looked absolutely adorable! Their next show is mid June and I can't wait.

3. I love spring and all of the flowers in bloom! We've had some amazing weather here in the Pacific Northwest.

4. I made these pajamas for my friend Steve's son. He loves Spiderman so I offered to make the bottoms... but I also couldn't resist making a shirt for him too. I can't wait to see if he likes them. The shirt is all hand drawn... sometimes I even impress myself.

5. Amelia had program pictures this week for their upcoming show "Russe Classique" so I had to bust out my perfect bun making skills. She looked adorable!

Have a great weekend!

Ashley Elizabeth

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