A New Year

(My date for New Year's Eve! Mark had to work so he didn't party with us, but smooches from this girl at midnight were awesome!)

The new year always brings about the idea that one must make resolutions, which I have done and have never followed through on. This year I was thinking about all of the things I would like to accomplish in 2013, and in doing so made myself a "to do" list to complete. If I approach this with the mindset that these things must get done, and  that they are not just a good idea that I can toss out after a few weeks, then I think I will be more successful than in years past. 

My mom and I have made a deal for this next year. We are both crafty people, I get it from her, but we both have so much we want to complete for Christmas time that we never end up getting everything done in time. Starting this month her and I have a deal to accomplish a project each month. If there is a month that we don't finish something or at least put a lot of work into a larger project, then we have to buy the other person an iTunes gift card. It should be a fun little challenge, and a great way to keep each other on track. 

My 2013 to do list
1. Lose weight every week! I don't have a set number I want to reach for the year (overall I do but not in this year) so I just want to lose something every week. I know some weeks will be better than others so I don't want to get frustrated when I have a week where I don't lose as much. If I just try my best and see a loss each week I will be happy!

2. Have more adventures with my daughter! Amelia and I have a lot of fun, but some days we don't do much of anything. I want to make sure 2013 is full of making good memories. I love that I get to stay home now and plan special days for us. I'm looking forward to our time together. 

3. Date my husband! Yeah, I'd like to do more of that. Mark and I have gone on dates here and there since we've had Amelia, but adding it in to a monthly routine is high on my priority list. Our dates don't have to be extravagant, but time spent focusing on one another is something that can only make us stronger. Sometimes we get too caught up in life as a 3 person family and we need a night or two a month to step away and reconnect. 

4. Plan a couple of trips! Florida is a priority for me this year! I have wanted to go visit Mark's brother and sister in-law since we got together 6 years ago. School, work and then the busy life with a baby kept us from going, but this year I am determined to make it over there. Canada is also on my list. Mark has a lot of family up in Vancouver B.C. and I would love to go up and see them. There are so many little cousins that Amelia could spend time with, and I would love getting to know them all more. This is an easier trek for us since we can just drive up (after we get our passports), but both destinations will hopefully happen in 2013. 

5. Become a more skilled and confident sewer! This one might sound silly to some but since October I've decided that I LOVE sewing. I've had my sewing machine for a few years but hadn't really touched it until a few months back. I love that I can make clothes for Amelia and have a list a mile long of projects to complete. 

6. Become more of a photographer! In college I took some photography classes with an incredible instructor, but then I let my skills sort of fizzle after that. I have a wonderful camera and took one class on how to use it, but I could use a few more. Mark bought me an external flash for my camera and an online Photoshop class so I am definitely looking forward to taking that soon. 

7. Write more! Whether it be blogging or working on a novel idea that my sister gave me, I do need to write more. I have been writing poetry and stories since I was a little girl. When my parents needed to ground me they took away my pens and paper... worst punishment ever! I need to get back on the writing train!

8. Be happy! Plain and simple... find happiness in every day! 

What are some of your resolutions/goals/tasks to complete in the new year?

Ashley Elizabeth

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