A Year in Review

A new year is here.

January 2012 I started blogging. I love blogging, even if nobody reads it! Ever since I was little I have had a serious passion for reading and writing. When I was little and my parents needed to ground me (yes, I was naughty sometimes), they would take away all of my pens and paper... worst punishment ever! I'm looking forward to another year of this. Thanks to the followers I have, and to all who read what I have to say.

February 2012 our little girl turned 3 years old. Where does the time go? As we approach February 2013 I am yet again in shock at how fast time flies. Amelia should still be a little baby, not a 4 year old!

March 2012 my sister Grace moved in with us for a few months to help us out by watching Amelia. We were in need of a babysitter and Grace needed a job before she started at ODF for the summer. It was fun to have her around.

April 2012 was a month packed full of fun. We spent Easter with my family at my Grandma's house, Amelia got to spend a day at work with me for 'take your kid to work day', and she caught her first fish... or 4 to be exact!

May 2012 I turned 27! Oh boy I am getting old! We also geared up for Summer, rescued 4 kittens from our shed and took Amelia on her very first camping trip.

June 2012 was a great month! Mark celebrated his 36th birthday and his family came to visit from Florida. We had a blast with them and I am keeping my fingers crossed that we can go visit them this year.

July 2012 was started off with a road trip up the gorge with my sister and her boyfriend. We celebrated the 4th of July with my family, went fishing, took our own little road trip to Hood River for cherries and I got ready for fire season.

August 2012 Mark and I celebrated our one year anniversary. We took a trip to the county fair, my mom had a birthday, we celebrated our friends Sheena & Jason's wedding, got some fresh veggies out of our garden, took the trolley around our neighborhood and I worked a few overtime shifts.

September 2012 we celebrated my Grandma's 89th birthday and my sister Erica's 32nd birthday. My family and I took Amelia to the zoo for the first time and had a total blast. We went apple picking and tomato picking, and canned for the first time. September was also the month that I put in my final notice at work. It was the end of a tough decision and a little unplanned but it was the right move for us. Let's just say, September was a busy one!

 October 2012!!! The month I became a stay at home Mama! I know I have talked about this a lot on my blog, but I'm still so excited and thankful. My husband is working so hard for us and I love our new life.   After my last day at work Amelia and I went up to my parent's house for a visit and spent Halloween there. It was overall a great month!

November 2012 Amelia and I spent our first month as a stay at home duo. We got ready for Christmas with tons of craft projects and shopping. Mark, Amelia and I spent Thanksgiving with my Aunt's family and my Grandma. We got our Christmas tree and had a new visitor come to our house, Spirit the Elf (elf on the shelf). Amelia also performed in her very first ballet performance of the Nutcracker. The kids all worked so hard and it was an amazing production.

December 2012 was started off with Amelia's final performance in the Nutcracker. My little sister Grace graduated as a Firefighter T1 and is now volunteering at a local department. My mom and I did a lot of shopping, and I did a lot of crafting. We had Mark's family over on Christmas Eve, then we went to midnight mass. We spent Christmas day with my family and it was the most wonderful time ever!

And that is a brief account of our year! I hope 2013 is just as awesome!

Ashley Elizabeth

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