A Holiday High Five

I can't believe Christmas is just days away, and I still have three people to shop for and a mile long list of crafts to complete. This week was pretty great, Amelia and I made some awesome memories and just had a blast. Here is my high five for Friday post!

1. Amelia is learning the true meaning of Christmas by giving to others who might not expect it. Yesterday she gave a box of chocolates to our mail man and he was beyond thrilled. It was so cute to watch her walk out there shouting 'Merry Christmas'. We have a few more surprises to pass out so I will post about that later. 

 2. We dressed our cat up as Santa, and he was less than thrilled!

 3. This week we celebrated my Auntie Debbie's 60th Birthday! It was a blast!

4. We headed to the mountain Wednesday to play in the snow. It was freezing up at Timberline so we spent most of our time playing at Government Camp.  

5. This is Spirit our elf... and today he pooped Hershey Kisses onto peanut butter cookies. Too funny! My sister gave me the idea and my mom made the cookies. Amelia cracked up at this. 

And there ya have it folks, a little recap of my week. Now I've got to get back to some serious crafting. 

Ashley Elizabeth

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  1. did your elf just pose this way or did you have to use wires to pose him? Thank you! so cute