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So I've had quite the obsession with Pinterest lately. Well, I've loved Pinterest since it first came about but I usually go through phases, but not these days. I can't get enough of the pinning! I have been trying recipes I find on there and doing craft projects so I thought I would share with you what I've been up to.

Amelia and I are just hanging out at home tonight. I made a yummy chicken tortilla soup but after I had my bowl I wanted something a little sweet. Normally I would dig in the freezer in search of bananas to make banana ice cream, but I decided to see if I could scrounge something up and try a new recipe. I was craving a smoothie or some sort of tasty drink, and Amelia and I succeeded with the concoction.

Tonight's creation came from the blog titled Babble and can be found here. Below is a picture of the pin I found, a s'more smoothie.
I did not have any graham crackers so I made the recipe without, and I also doubled it thinking that one cup of milk would not be enough for multiple people... but I was wrong. The doubled recipe made a ton and we got three full glasses out of it. Amelia and I gulped this treat down quite fast. Here is what mine looked like.
I opted to not include the chocolate chips because I really didn't feel we needed them. This was a very quick and tasty recipe. I'm looking forward to more Pinterest experiments.

In other news...
Things have been incredibly busy here lately. My sister went into the ER Saturday morning at 2am with stomach pain and by 5am was told that she needed to have an appendectomy done the same day. They admitted her and we spent the day at the hospital with her. Amelia and I decided to spend the night with her and my little sister to make sure they had all the help they needed. Thankfully she is recovering nicely. Other than that, we've just been cleaning up Christmas and getting the house back in order, crafting and spending time having fun.
Amelia hanging out in a box that Mark brought home from work. She was watching Charlie Brown and I was playing around with my external flash. I'm excited because this was taken in a pretty dark room and there aren't horrible shadows like most of my indoor pictures have. 

Well I think that is all for tonight. I am watching two little boys under the age of two tomorrow and I am so excited! Time to hit the sheets. 
Ashley Elizabeth

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