High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone! This week has been a lazy one for us here. I have been a little under the weather since the day after Christmas, but after a trip to the urgent care yesterday I should be feeling better in no time.

1. Amelia has me in awe with how quickly she picks up on everything. Her writing is pretty awesome for her age and she is eager to learn. Since I've been home we've been working on learning and this week we started in with a preschool workbook. She loves it. The first section has proved to be a little too easy for her, but she just laughs and says "maybe the next one will be harder". 

2. We rang in the new year over at my Grandma's house and it was a blast. Mark had to work at 4am the next morning so he couldn't join us... but I had the perfect little date regardless. 

3. I think we will be picking glitter out of our scalps for weeks after wearing these hats. Amelia has had her hair washed six times since NYE and she is still covered in it. I guess we can thank my little sister for that one!

4. Amelia and I went out to Molalla and had lunch with my old co-worker/BFF. It was a fun trip out there, as you can tell by her excited face.

5. I've decided to add a Pinterest component to my blog. I'm addicted to pinterest and have had a lot of success with craft projects and recipes that I find on there. I'm going to shoot for a weekly pinterest post sharing what I've been crafting and the recipes I've tried. I'm looking forward to having a reason to work on this stuff every week.

Well there ya have it, a quick snapshot of my week. Amelia and I are going to work on her school work and then head out for a nice walk while the sun is out. Have a great weekend!

Ashley Elizabeth

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