A "Special" Someone

Okay, so tonight I'm going to take a break from talking about myself and focus on a certain individual who always likes being talked about. There is a guy I've known for many many years now; I met him at church when we were younger and now I have the privilege of working with him during the summer months. This morning, as I was in our warehouse he popped in to say "hi" and to let me know he follows my blog. I was quite shocked that he spends his free time so engulfed in my life... but hey, to each their own. As I was leaving the warehouse he made a joke about how I should feature him in a blog post... why hadn't I thought of that sooner??? Therefore, tonight's blog post in all about BLAKE!

He is not always as goofy as he appears in this picture, and while he is usually the office clown, he does have his softer side. When I was pregnant Blake was the one who would always ask how I was doing and genuinely seemed to care. He always stops by the office to say hello to everyone and he waves every time you pass him on the street. He is quite an athlete and gets a gold star in beer pong. One thing Blake also mentioned that I should include in this post is that he is SINGLE!!! Since my blog has apparently gone world-wide now and I have viewers from all over the place I thought this would be a great opportunity for him to get his name... and face out to the world without having to hassle with the membership fees of eHarmony. All jokes aside, I was quite glad that Blake suggested I blog about him. It is coming up on fire season and I always enjoy when the crews come on. This year Blake has been promoted up to a Forest Officer and has been a great asset to our district, as well as the agency. I can always count on a smiling face, inappropriate dance moves and some sort of loud giggle or sound that no normal human should make. So I will wrap up this post with some fun Blake facts...

Blake Fact #1 - He likes outdoor activities; hunting, fishing, camping and of course putting out fires

Blake Fact #2 - He comes from a large family, he is 4th out of 6 children

Blake Fact #3 - He loves himself

Blake Fact #4 - He drives a nice big truck and rocks out to John Denver everywhere he goes

Blake Fact #5 - HE IS SINGLE

Blake Fact #6 - He is one heck of a good friend

Blake Fact #7 - He is tall, has dark hair, some color of eyes, will be 25 this month and loves himself

Blake Fact #8 - He loves, and can quote the movie Young Guns

Blake Fact #9 - He does the best Gopher impression (from Winnie the Pooh)

So Blake... here is your blog post as requested. And for all the ladies out there looking for a great Beau, he's your guy!!!!!

Ashley Elizabeth


  1. He's very cute! Unfortunately I'm not single :P

  2. If only I was a few years younger lol Sorry Blake! He sounds like a great "catch" though-yes, pun intended lol


  3. You gotta love a man in uniform right? He is adorable!