Dancing in the Rain

Oh my goodness, when I said I wanted to sleep in this morning I thought I would be up around 9:00 or so... not 11:45. Amelia and I must have needed the sleep because she was right there next to me when I woke up. Mark and I both wanted a laid back Sunday so we decided we would take Amelia to see Brave early in the afternoon and then putz around home the rest of the day. We had coupons so we got two tickets at $1.50 each, much nicer than the normal $8.00 price. Amelia liked the movie a lot but gripped my arm tight during the "scary" part. It was cute. After the movie I planted a few more plants in the garden while Mark pulled weeds. My little sister Grace stopped by for a visit with her boyfriend Chis and we all decided to head up the road to Chang's Mongolian Grill for dinner. Our friend/co-worker Ben was working and we lucked out having him as our waiter. Dinner was tasty, I had noodles with chicken, shrimp, carrots, broccoli, sprouts and pineapple. Afterwards we stopped by the grocery store for lunch supplies and then headed home. I decided that I needed to change and go straight to the track before I sat down and refused to budge it got too dark. I went to my normal track at the high school but there were several games going on at the fields there so I moved on to the college track, which was incredibly busy. Finally I decided to try the middle school track that was right up the road from our house. How did I not know that track was there? It cuts my drive time in half to and from the track. I was the only one there and was quite anxious to see how I handled running after eating a heavy meal. I started up the C25k app on my phone and when the first running interval came around I was feeling good, but I didn't realize how fast I was actually running. When the lady got on and told me to switch to a brisk walk she said my interval time was 6:54.... I couldn't believe it. I ran the first two intervals at a pace under a 7:00 minute mile, then the wind hit me on the third and I was up at 11:02 and at 12:09 my second to last interval. My average running interval pace ended up at 9:38 and my walking pace was 14:27. I feel pretty good after that but my legs are pretty tired. Mark's nephew might be coming over tomorrow and if he is here when I get home I will probably take the night off, but if he isn't here I will head up to the gym around 7:30 and hit the elliptical hard.

We had quite the busy week last week; I don't think I was in bed before 11:00 once. It was fun visiting with Mark's family and I was sad to see them go today... but our nephew decided to stay until Thursday! I think he is going to help Mark brew up his first batch of beer!!!

Yesterday Amelia and I tagged along with the boys to the rock gym. They all had a blast and Amelia enjoyed climbing around the bouldering section.
 With her Mama's help she got up to the top blue rock in this picture.

 Amelia's cousin was showing her how to do it. 

Mark and his brother Matt, Mark is the one climbing.


Amelia got a little tired of hanging in the rock gym so her and I hung out in the car for a bit. The weather got pretty nasty and the rain started to POUR so I decided that it would be a good idea for her and I to get out of the car and dance in the rain. She was giggling so hard and it was a complete blast. We were completely drenched head to toe but it was worth it for those few minutes of complete craziness. I love that little girl so much. 

I have a feeling this week is going to be just as crazy busy as last week... but hey, it makes the days go by fast. I'm putting some chicken in the crock pot tonight to take for lunch the next couple of days. Tomorrow is my first weigh in for the Lose a Marathon challenge. I have a feeling I'm down about 1.5-2 pounds but we will see what damage dinner did tonight. I hope you all had a great weekend. I think it's time to snuggle the cutest little girl in the world now. Good Night. 
Ashley Elizabeth

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