New Shoes = A Great Day!

I was so excited to see that a package was waiting for me when I got home today. I am a huge fan of Dansko shoes and saw a pair of clogs on Zulily for an amazing deal (they were regularly $130 and I paid less than half). The clogs I fell in love with are a different brand but thankfully they are sized like my Danskos and fit like a dream. I can't wait to wear them tomorrow. They are grey with a pink strap.
My new shoes!!!

Today was my second interview for the position that I have been working in over the past 10 months. I feel as if I gave a better interview than before, but I doubt I could have done any worse. I will hopefully find out toward the end of the week if I got the job or not.  

This past weekend was very laid back! Saturday I lounged about watching a documentary on Taylor Swift, then finally got myself up and showered to head over to my Grandma's house. My cousin Ricky was in town with his three kids and I wanted to go visit with them. It was wonderful catching up with him, letting the kids play and just hanging out. Amelia really enjoyed dancing around with her little cousin Eva, who is one year younger than her. Sunday I spent the day in sweats, playing and snuggling with Amelia. We had a lazy day like we haven't had in an incredibly long time, and I really enjoyed it. 
 The little ladies dancing... and a happy Great Grandma watching

They get along great!!!

Eva and Amelia dancing

In the weight loss world... I'm down almost four pounds from last week. I was glad to see the scale move down a bit considering I had gained about 8 pounds. My bag is packed for tomorrow with exercise pants and tennis shoes for a walk on my lunch break and a possible stop at the gym on my way home. My head seems to be doing a tad bit better. The pain meds don't work all that well and I'm still having to resort to Tylenol and Ibuprofen, in fact I realized the other day I had taken 14 throughout a 10 hour time period... probably not the best idea. I'm looking forward to my doctor's appointment on June 27th. My sister Erica suggested her as a great internal medicine doctor; I haven't had a regular doctor (I've seen a naturopath) since before Amelia was born. I can definitely tell when I forget to take my muscle relaxer before bed, it usually results in waking up about 3 times throughout the night with a swollen head. Even though this whole things sucks, I'm trying to stay positive! Maybe positive thinking will lead to positive outcomes! 

I really don't have anything exciting to share with y'all so I will, as usual, leave you with some pictures of Amelia... and kittens. 

 The kids

 Amelia wasn't in the mood to look at the camera, but I did get a smile

Good Night All!

Ashley Elizabeth

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