Dinner, Doctor and my Delightful Daughter

So I don't have a lot of time to blog tonight since I am starting this post a little late, but I thought I would say a couple of things. First off... I whipped together a wonderful dinner last night and took a picture to share with you all. Mark always makes dinner for us so I wanted to return the favor. I knew I needed something quick because I get home at 6:00 and did not want to eat really late.
 Salad with Annie's Tuscan Italian dressing, Quinoa pasta with peas and sun dried tomatoes and crab cakes. It was quite tasty.

 Amelia had a huge bowl of peas for dinner

This was supposed to be my lunch for today but I wasn't too hungry and my strawberries satisfied me, leaving this for tomorrow's lunch. It looks tasty!

I finally had a doctor appointment today. My sister had recommended her doctor to me since I needed to establish a primary care physician; I really like her. She is doing blood tests and depending on the results she will probably be ordering a CT scan. I had one about 7 years ago but she said a lot can change in that amount of time. The doctor I had seen after my visit to the ER said that it was a tension headache but my new doctor does not necessarily agree, she said that my head shouldn't be swelling all over from a headache. It still wakes me up at least 2 times per night and the pain meds don't do much so I'm hoping she can find a resolution.

Amelia was such a good girl at my appointment today. The doctor said she was very impressed at how well behaved she was... made this Mama smile. 

I took a couple of days off from the C25k program. Tomorrow after work it will either be a trip to the gym or a trip to the track. I think I want to hit the elliptical. I dread driving the 10 minutes up to the gym but never regret going once I get there. I am looking into heart rate monitors and a new scale. Any suggestions from you all?

Well this post was short and sweet, and now it's time to hit the sheets. Good night y'all!

Ashley Elizabeth

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