Wildlife Safari

Sunday we woke up early and headed down to Winston, Oregon to go to Wildlife Safari. Amelia has been begging for us to take her since she went a couple of years ago with Grace and Chris. We were so excited my mom was able to go with us, since none of us had ever gone before. It ended up being a really great day and such a fun time. The drive is about three hours from our house, but definitely worth it. With your passes you are able to drive through two times, but we decided we only wanted to go through once. I'm glad we arrived when we did because it ended up being a hot day and most of the animals, while they were still out roaming around, were heading off to shade. I think if we had gone through any later we would have missed them being up. We saw everything from lions to a zebra that was just feet away from our window. Elk, several different types of deer, cheetahs, tigers, monkeys, elephants, bears and so many more animals. Amelia enjoyed going from one window to the other looking at everything.

I was excited to see that there was so much more to do than just drive though the park. It was so cool to see all of the animals roaming around, but getting out of the car and walking through the safari village was a blast too. We got to see flamingos, camels and a ton of other small animals/reptiles. Amelia was really excited to go to the gift shop. That girl loves stuffed animals. When she had gone with Grace and Chris they bought her a stuff wolf that she accidentally lost on our trip to the east coast. She was hoping to replace him, but unfortunately they didn't have a wolfie. She did however end up with an adorable giraffe and a stuffed lion cub that my mom got her. 

We had so much fun that we will definitely go back in the future. Wildlife Safari has so much to do and is a great place to spend a day! My only recommendation is to go early if it's going to be a hot day. 
Ashley Elizabeth

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