Angel Art Creations

Amelia is a very artistic little girl. She's been able to color in the lines since before she could talk... okay that might be a slight exaggeration, but the girl is crazy good at drawing and painting. When I found out a paint studio opened up in our little town I knew I had to sign her up for the kids classes.

Angel Art Creations, located in Oregon City, is an amazing place. I really don't know of anything similar in the area for both kids and adults. The kid classes begin at age 4 and go up to 11, and the adult classes start at 12 years old. Amelia has taken a few of the painting classes and loved each one! I really think she would take every single one if it didn't conflict with her dance class. The owner, Shawna, is amazing and she really takes her time with the kids to make sure they are happy with their work, that they are able to keep up and most importantly... that they are having fun! It is so wonderful to fill our walls with such beautiful pieces that were created by our child.

If you are in the area I highly recommend this place!!! I'm anxious to try an adult class myself. 
Ashley Elizabeth

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