Amelia's First Feis

This past weekend we headed to Seaside so that Amelia could dance in her first feis (Irish dance competition). Amelia started Irish dancing in April and really loves it. I was excited to see her compete for the first time, but also incredibly nervous for her. She's always been pretty shy and I wasn't sure how she'd do getting up in front of a couple hundred people and dancing. I was so excited that all of my family wanted to go with us. Mom, Erica, Grace, Chris, Liam and even my Grandma Grace all joined us. It was a great time, and a new experience for us all.

Saturday Amelia was entered into first feis competitions and beginner competition. I could tell she was so nervous, red face and all, but she did an amazing job! Really, I am so proud of her. A year ago she wouldn't have even considered dancing in front of anyone other than family, but she got up and did it like it was no big deal. I'm pretty sure I have kindergarten to thank for her being more outgoing.

Sunday Amelia danced at a beginner level in all of the soft shoe dances she knows. Again, she did really great! We have another feis coming up in October and she can't wait. She came home with three medals and a trophy that we now get to display in her bedroom. Watching her dance was seriously the cutest thing in the world.

Ashley Elizabeth

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