20 Weeks

How far along: 20 weeks today - HALF WAY!!!!!

Current size: banana (approx:10.5oz and 6.5in)

Due Date: February 7, 2016    

Symptoms: I think I am past the worst of the morning sickness. I still get slightly nauseous in the morning, but I am rarely throwing up anymore!!! Hallelujah!!! 

Gender: We find out this week!!!!!

Gender predictions: So far most people are guessing boy. 

What are you hoping for: a healthy baby! I would love for Mark and I to have a mix of girls and boys, but I would also be completely thrilled adding another girl to our family... really, I'm not picky at all. I won't have gender disappointment. I'm excited no matter what. 

Names: They are picked out! 

Movement: ALL THE TIME!! This baby is just as active as Amelia was. I feel baby Todd non-stop and I love every second of it. 

Clothes: I live in leggings and a few maternity tops. I realized this week that I need to go shopping for some jeans and a few more shirts (or have my mom make me some more). I need a little more variety in my wardrobe and with Fall coming soon it's the perfect time to get some new things. 

Sleep: I'm doing okay with sleep. I have to pee every hour... almost exactly on the hour. I toss and turn a lot more now, but overall I feel mostly rested.  

Cravings/Aversions: none at the moment. I still haven't gained weight and with the morning sickness gone I can stomach more foods than before, so I'm hoping to incorporate a mostly paleo diet back into my life.  

What are you doing to prepare: I have tons of items picked out; stroller, carseat, play mat and other more gender specific things we can purchase once we know the sex. With there being 7 years in between Amelia and this baby we did get rid of quite a few items and our carseat has expired, so we are picking away at those things. Also we plan to venture into the world of cloth diapering so I've narrowed it down to two brands of diapers and I think we are going to try both out on baby. 

Mood: I have my cranky moments, usually when I haven't slept well, but for the most part I think I'm doing well. 

Looking forward to: Thursday!!! We are taking Amelia out of school early to go to our ultrasound with us. We also asked my sister Erica to come with us. Grace and mom have both been to an ultrasound with me before (Grace with Amelia and mom with this baby) so I really wanted Erica to come this time. I can't wait to see that baby is doing well and to find out what we are having. 

20 week thoughts: This pregnancy has been much more challenging for me than when I was pregnant with Amelia. That being said... I absolutely love being pregnant and feel so blessed to be carrying this little love. Feeling the baby kick, watching Amelia's excitement and thinking ahead to all of the wonderful moments we'll have watching our children grow up together. There really is nothing greater than being a parent. 
Ashley Elizabeth

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