A Fall Craft

I'm ready for Fall! This 90+ degree weather in Oregon in September just isn't my thing. I'm anxious to decorate our home with fall colors and only burn pumpkin candles for the next three or four months. Fall is definitely the best season!

I thought I'd share my absolute favorite piece of art that I hang on my wall this time of year. I posted this craft project a couple of years ago, but it's definitely worth posting again. It's a fun activity to do with the kids and a great piece of art to hang on the wall year after year.

What you will need:
canvas or paper (we used a canvas)
paint: brown, orange, red, yellow
paint brushes

I traced Amelia's had for her and then let her paint it in. I didn't paint her arm/hand because I wanted the trunk of the tree to be darker than it would have been if we did it that way.

Amelia created all of the leaves on her own by using her finger tips.

Amelia still loves this tree that she made and gets excited when she sees me hang it up. 

Enjoy this fun craft with your little ones! 
Ashley Elizabeth

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  1. Really cute craft!! Look at tiny Amelia!! I'd love to do this craft with Olive one day. I think it would be a smeary mess this year, but maybe next year :)