Well, it's happened. Last night Amelia took her shower, packed her backpack, set out her clothes, brushed her teeth and I put curlers in her hair. I hopped in her bed with her to snuggle for a little bit and she talked a million miles a minute. I told her she needed to be brave and talk to her teachers and classmates. She is an incredibly shy girl and talking to people she's not entirely comfortable with is a big challenge for her. We talked about how important it is to raise her hand, to not talk when others are talking, to listen to her teacher and to be kind to all of the kids in her class. This morning she woke up with no complaint, even though it was hours before her normal wake up time. She ate a good breakfast, brushed her teeth and got her uniform on. She talked the entire drive to school (we live about 30 minutes away from her school with morning traffic). I snapped a few photos of her in her classroom, she found her seat and then said "bye mommy, I love you. See you in a little bit". and that was it. I might have teared up a bit. I'm excited for her. She loves learning. I just can't believe how fast it all goes. How quickly they grow up.

Photos (a mix of camera and phone pics)... I got a lot of fake smiles from her. That girl...

her teacher couldn't be any nicer. 

Happy first day of school to all of your kiddos this week.
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Happy First Day of School!! Love that plaid uniform & her teacher looks thrilled to have her in her class. Hope it's a good week for both of you :)

  2. Stop it!!! Oh my gosh I'm dying from the cuteness!!!!!!!! :D :D :D