A recap of our busy week

I swear one of these weeks I will blog more than one day. Lately I just don't know where the time goes. We are constantly on the go. This week was no different in the busy department.

Saturday we went and got bridesmaid dresses. After we went with Grace to get her nose pierced. 

Sunday Grace, Amelia and I went to Oktoberfest. Mark and Chris were both working and unable to go with us. I love OFest! It's so much fun. 

Monday my mom picked Amelia up from school, took her to ballet and then kept her overnight. Mark and I went on a day date. We saw "Let's Be Cops" and went to happy hour. It was nice to spend some time together.

Tuesday there was a new family breakfast at Amelia's school. Since Mark had to work my mom went with me. After we went shopping and to lunch. We ate at La Petite Provence in SE Portland. It is so delicious. I had a blt with egg on a fresh baked croissant. For dessert mom and I split marionberry cheesecake and a chocolate lemon thing. Both were delicious. 

Wednesday was my first day volunteering at the school. I signed up to help with picture day and it was so much fun. I loved seeing all of the little kids dress up. It was also nice to be able to remind my child to give her "real smile" instead of the usual fake smile I get. I didn't take a picture before school so you guys just get a goofy one of her after school.

Thursday was back to school night. I can't say enough how much I love her school. It was such a wonderful place. The school itself makes up the greatest community and everyone is so friendly and willing to help everyone. Amelia loves it also.
Thursday's attire
At back to school night we had to pick out which Picasso inspired self portrait was Amelia's... and I knew right away. The side bangs and glasses were a dead giveaway. I just love the art they have done so far.

Today I took Amelia to school and then spent the rest of the day at home. I took a long nap... and could have probably slept the day away. I've been exhausted lately, definitely having a hard time adjusting to my 5am alarm.

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Happy Weekend
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Your daughter has great school outfits! I used to love dressing in preppy jumpers and shoes and white socks! Very Zooey Deschanel, actually!

    1. Thank you :) Her school has a uniform policy so we are limited, but I actually really enjoy dressing her for school. I love the preppy look as well, and let's not forget the private school plaid. Adorable!