Happy Friday

I can't believe I've been away from the blog for so long. I honestly don't know how that happened. We've had some crazy days lately. Days where you think "there's no way anything else could possibly go wrong". I'm hoping for a fun week ahead since it's my last full week at home with Amelia before she marches off to school. I have a packed agenda for us; garage sale at our house all weekend, school clothes shopping, school supply shopping, visits to my grandma and a whole lot of fun. I also have two photo shoots next week which I'm really excited for. Here is a recap of the past week or so with a lot of Amelia photos...

Uniform school shopping started. I have more to get for her, but this was a good start. I have to say I was slightly disappointed with the quality of Old Navy's polos. I'm usually a fan of Old Navy, but their uniform polos were so thin. Thankfully Gap outlet was having an awesome sale and we got most of her stuff there. Monday we are going down to a uniform shop in Portland to pick up her school plaid stuff. I love uniforms. 

My sisters and I had lunch at an awesome taco cart (owned by Erica's co-worker). The food is so awesome that the cart itself is worthy of it's own post one day... perhaps that is just an excuse for me to stop again. The best part is that it's only a few minutes from my grandma's house. 

 Amelia made herself a sweet fort. Can you find her? When I went in there she wasn't peeking out and scared me to death when she said "hi, mommy".

 We spoil this man a lot.

 Amelia and I needed a break yesterday from cleaning and garage sale prep. Blended mocha for me and a cherry snowie for her.

 An awesome thing happened this weekend. I shot my first wedding. I was so nervous and excited. It went really well and I'm happy with the shots I got. Erica was there to help me. It was nice having her there.

 We started our bedtime routine this week. Amelia has never had a bed time so this is new for us. The first night sucked, but the second was awesome. Again, more on this in another post.

 So cute!

 My almost 91 year old grandma fell and has a compound break in her back. My mom came down to stay with her and help her out. Amelia got to go spend the day with them and Erica and was as happy as can be. She loves hanging out with her grandmas and aunts.

 I had to have some blood drawn this week so we hung out with Mark on his lunch break. He works at the hospital on the same campus as my doctor.

 Brownie got her blood drawn also.

Happy weekend all! We will be spending our time selling our stuff and having Amelia's first lemonade stand. 
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate! Enjoy your time with Amelia and hope things settle down a bit for you. I also love uniforms and any plaid!!

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