Five Things

When I sent my girl off to kindergarten for the first time, it was hard. I miss her when she is gone and  I anxiously wait for the school day to be over. As soon as I see her I ask her about her day and want her to tell me everything, but she doesn't. After talking with a friend over the weekend I learned this is a pretty common kindergarten thing. They don't share much about their day. Amelia says "I forget" whenever I ask her a question. I don't think it's because she doesn't want to share, I just think she is exhausted after a full day at school and isn't in the mood to chat. In an effort to get her talking I came up with a little game we play at night. Five Things. We take turns telling each other five things about our day. Since I am usually at home I start off by telling her something cute or silly that her cat did that day. She usually giggles which makes the whole "game" fun. I'm excited that she now gets home from school and asks to play the 5 things game. I also ask a lot of questions for each thing she tells me... which allows me to get even more information about her day.
sorry for the blurry photo. we leave for school when it's still kind of dark out and my phone doesn't always take good photos at that time of day. 
Other moms, have you experienced this as well?
Ashley Elizabeth

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  1. The most common answer I get is "stuff", to which she gets The Look. And then she giggles and does go into more detail about each class. The kid is a senior this year and has a lot cooler & more interesting classes than I ever had. Astronomy?? I would have been all over that! A 2 hour nursing assistant class? Psychology? Sheesh.

    Oh, and the senior year is HARD for me! When I saw the notice on the school website about ordering cap & gowns next week, I almost cried.