DIY Glitter Pumpkins

Decorating for Fall has been so much fun this year. My sister Erica and I hosted a bridal shower for our little sister Grace last weekend so I had an even greater excuse to deck out our house. I love glittery things and knew I wanted to add some glitz to her party. I always see glittered pumpkins at craft stores like JoAnn's and Michael's, but the pumpkins are usually small and around $10/each. I wanted at least three pumpkins, but didn't want to spend $30 or more on them so I decided to make my own for a lot cheaper.

Ultra fine orange glitter
Elmer's spray adhesive

Using real pumpkins allows you to choose the shapes and sizes you want, but you can also buy plain plastic pumpkins. Also, if you grow your own pumpkins you won't have to spend any money on them, thus reducing the cost of this DIY. I used pie pumpkins for this project and spent less than $1.50/per pumpkin. 

Before you start you will want to tape off the stem with painter's tape. 

You will want to glitter the pumpkins in sections to avoid having other things stick to the adhesive. I used two large pieces of paper, one I set the pumpkin on while it was sprayed and glittered and the other I used to tap off the excess glitter (which allows you to re-use the excess). Once you're done remove the painter's tape and enjoy the beautiful decorations.

Ashley Elizabeth


  1. I love glitter pumpkins! We do this too, each year, sometimes making patterns. I can't believe it's pumpkin season already!

  2. Yes, glitter pumpkins! Does the Elmer's spray adhesive keep the glitter on pretty well? I did a similar project but with bottles, and later wondered if I should have sprayed a finishing adhesive on top at the end

  3. These are super cute! You could use painter's tape to block off shapes to make a glittery jack-o-lantern, too.