While Ashley is away......Its Erica's turn to play!!!!!!


As Ashley announced a while ago, her sister Erica would be taking over her blog while she basks in the sun with her family on a much needed vacation. Well, here I am!

Nope, we do not look alike AT ALL

She gave me some instructions..."Introduce yourself, tell them about you..." Ugh...that part is the worst...but I will try to do that without making it sound like an introduction on an online dating site.

I am Erica. I am 32. I like long walks on the beach...no actually I don’t because walking on the beach is kind of hard work and then I get sweaty and then I am too focused on wiping sweat out of my eyes to take in the scenery and then of course I have probably fallen down at some point so sand is everywhere, then when I wipe the sweat, sand gets in my eyes and....yeah...where was I??

Me...Grandpa Richard and Ashley as a little baby...when sand was fun!

So, Ashley and I probably couldn't be more opposite if we tried. She is crafty, creative, a visionary, a stay at home mom and wife. I am not crafty...I don't have the patience to be. I walk into Hobby Lobby and look at stuff and I cannot for the life of me figure out what to do with it and she can spend hours there. I only take pictures with my iPhone so you all are in for some real quality images! I am single...I live alone, no kids, 2 cats. And I work a lot!!!! I am a 911 dispatcher for the City of Portland  here in Oregon...never a dull moment, but we will talk about that another day.

I hope she doesn't lose any followers over the next 2 weeks...I have some good ideas I am really excited to share and I do do stuff. I knit, I cook...so...this will be fun, I promise!

Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Good to meet you Erica! I can't wait to see what you have to share with us.

    1. Great to meet you too! Still getting the hang of this blog stuff...mom said the other day 'You have comments to reply to!' Sorry for the delay! haha

  2. 911 dispatcher is full of excitement and drama! Nice to meet you!