Beautiful Savannah

I was so excited to visit Savannah, Georgia. I really love the history of the south. A lot of my favorite movies revolve around the Civil War era and I was hoping to get a bit of that historic vibe wandering the streets of beautiful Savannah.
It was hot. Yes, hotter than Florida. But we didn't let that ruin our chance to see as much of downtown as possible. We had just one day to explore before moving on to our next destination and we definitely crammed as much in as possible. We got there before the rest of Mark's family so we walked around looking at the old houses, visited as many squares as we could and stopped by some gorgeous fountains and sculptures.

our first stop, Lafayette Square
spanish moss... love
Forsyth Park

Savannah did not disappoint. If I didn't have a child and could get acclimated to the humidity, I could see myself living in a place like Savannah. It was a gorgeous city with an endless amount of stuff to see. If only we had more time there. 

We did find ourselves caught in a massive rain storm early evening. We took shelter under the eaves of a hotel in hopes that the rain would let up. It poured for quite a while, so we eventually ran for a restaurant down on River St. We went to dinner at a seafood place with Mark's family. Mark and I each had a bowl of beer crab chowder and we split a crab cake. It was good. I think we were both just hoping for more of a Southern cooked meal. After dinner we headed to our hotel. We stayed at the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa. What a gorgeous hotel. There was a wedding reception going on there so they kindly comped valet parking for us, which was awesome. The weather was quite stormy out so we didn't get to take advantage of the pool, but our room on the 12th floor was definitely luxurious with a beautiful view. 
The next morning we got up and headed on to our next stop... which I will share with you all in my next vacation post. 
Ashley Elizabeth

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  1. Savannah is beautiful!! We ate at a restaurant called The Old Pink House and it was ah-mazing. We also did a walking tour of the city after dinner. There's so much to see and so much history there. Glad you enjoyed your time there.