The best skin scrub EVER!!!!!


For as long as I can remember, I have battled dry, gross skin.  One more thing Ashley and I do not have in common.  She was blessed with soft, supple...(sometimes even clammy) skin...not me.  So, I have constantly been on the lookout for something to cure this problem of mine.  Nothing 'cures' it...hydrating helps and I've spent a small mint on lotions, potions, oils, etc. to be ever disappointed that nothing gave me miraculous results. day, while browsing online, I found a recipe for a homemade scrub.  After tweaking it to my liking and adjusting some things...I believe I have found my remedy.  And, its your lucky day...or night I guess...because I am sharing it with you!!! I give you, The Best Skin Scrub Ever!

The Recipe

1 Cup extra virgin coconut oil

2 1/2 Cups granulated white sugar (plain old white sugar you shouldn't be eating anyway)

5 T of citrus juice.  Fresh squeezed lime, lemon, blood orange, plain orange...something citrus-y!

Essential oil drops of your choosing.  I use eucalyptus and lavender

Melt the coconut oil on low heat, don't boil it.  Place the sugar and citrus juice in a bowl.  Add the essential oil drops.  I use a lot, because I love the smell in the shower.  Play around with this, more or less depending on your taste.  Pour the coconut oil on top and whisk it up!  Coconut oil melts at 76 degrees so I usually put mine in the freezer just to set it up quickly.  Once I place the jar in the shower...I have noticed that if my house is cold, I just hold the jar under the warm water a second, on hot summer days, it may be a little more runny.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as my family and I do!!!!!


Ashley Elizabeth


  1. instead of sugar, do you think coarse sea salt would work?

  2. Yeah, I think so...maybe wouldn't want too course...what I like is that its not too rough!