New adventures and fun times ahead

It's Friday!!! Amelia doesn't have school today due to Good Friday. I'm so excited for her four day weekend. Spring break was such a downer with both of us being sick and we really didn't get to do a lot. Thankfully, we are both feeling much better and plan to take advantage of the time we have. Today we are going for a long walk, visiting the Easter Bunny and then crafting a special gift for her Grandma. This past week seemed to go by fast. I have a feeling our weeks are bound to fly by with all of the stuff we have going on now. Here is a recap of what we did.

Amelia started a new term of ballet. The studio is getting ready for their upcoming performance, but unfortunately Amelia can't participate due to a conflict with lacrosse practice and performance rehearsals. I hope we are able to go and watch the show though. They are doing Sleeping Beauty and I know it will be great. 

This painting is hanging in the entryway to Amelia's school. The kindergarten class created Dr. Seuss fish. I absolutely love every piece of art she creates at school. They are always so great! I swear we will need an entire room dedicated to her works of art someday. Our own little museum. 

I swear we have the best cat in the entire world. One morning this week, while I was getting things ready for Amelia's school day, she did this. I came into the living room to find our handsome man rockin' some awesome bunny ears. The things this guy puts up with from her. They have a special kind of love. 

If you think this photo belongs up in the section about ballet, you're wrong. So... here's the deal. We started Amelia in ballet just after her third birthday because she wasn't quite old enough to start in Irish or Scottish dancing. It was our plan to keep her in there a year and then move her over to a different studio for a different style of dance. Well, she fell in love with ballet and we fell in love with the studio and all of the wonderful people there so she never left. This week we finally decided to have her try Irish dancing. She was nervous at first and even started crying when we walked up to the building. I told her that if she didn't like it she wouldn't have to come back again. Well.... as I suspected.... she loved it!!! The ballet training she's had really helped her out and she knew quite a few things already. She said she definitely wants to keep going. So, Amelia will be dancing once a week at the ballet studio, twice a week at the Irish studio and then playing lacrosse on Saturdays. What did I just do to myself? Haha, we are going to be running all over the place. She loves it all so much though so it is worth it. 
right before her class started
This morning I attended Stations of the Cross with Amelia's school. The kindergarten class reenacted Jesus' washing of the feet and sang a song. It was so great. I love that Amelia is getting both an academic education as well as a spiritual education. 

We have a fun weekend ahead. My cousin's daughters are dancing locally so Amelia and I plan on going to watch them on Saturday. The girls live in Eastern Oregon so we love seeing them when they visit. After that we will be coloring eggs with my mom, sisters and brother in-law. Poor Mark has to work. It's so funny that we have always colored eggs together. Even as adults we still have to color eggs with each other. I'm pretty sure my sisters and I are going to be like that forever. Sunday Amelia and I are going to mass and then we are spending Easter with my family; having dinner at my grandma's house. It will be a nice relaxing day. Monday is up in the air. I want to plan something fun for Amelia and I. We'll see what I come up with. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter. Enjoy time with your family. 

Here are a couple of TimeHop photos that popped up this week. A little blurry, but still cute. 

Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Amelia has got so many fun opportunities on her plate this Spring. So many good options and you're sweet to support her in everything she enjoys doing. I love kid art and have heard that IKEA has great frames that are inexpensive and work perfect for these kinds of things. Hope you have a great day with Amelia and a very Happy Easter weekend :)

  2. ooo, it's started! First one dance. Then two. Then 4. Then 7.... That's how may daughter started - now she has a total of 15 classes over 5 days a week. She does everything from pointe to hiphop. It's like an addiction, but in a good way!

    Love the kitty!