A Girl and Her Cat

What a beautiful Friday it is here; the weather is absolutely perfect. On days like this I just want to grab my camera and take photos. Since I don't have anyone to photograph at the moment, I will share some pictures I took of Amelia last week. Our cat Rudy is an indoor cat, but we decided to put his rhinestone leash on him and allow him to join Amelia in her photos. She was so excited to have him out there, which lead to some adorable genuine smiles from her.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. With the nice weather I want to get as much accomplished outdoors as possible. Our yard is a total disaster. I'm not sure if the past tenants planted clover as a ground cover or if it's just decided to only take over our yard, but it has got to go! We are hoping to turn the jungle into a really nice space for Amelia to run around and play in, as well as a place to entertain friends and family. We haven't had a yard for quite some time so now that we do I have a million different ideas for it. Pinterest doesn't help. Wouldn't it be nice if our pin boards became reality? No matter what we end up doing out there it will be a great space that we will really enjoy. Below is a photo I took on my phone. The clover that has taken over is now up to Amelia's knees. We plan to plant grass and maybe have a spot for a garden (if we can keep all of those bunnies away). The tree in the left of the photo is huge and has a perfect branch for a wooden swing. Amelia is going to love it.

Amelia has her second lacrosse practice this weekend. About 10 minutes after getting there last weekend it started to hail. We all took shelter in our cars for a few minutes until it passed. Thankfully we didn't get poured on as the forecast had said. She really enjoyed it. I love the variety of things she's interested in. Ballet, Irish dance, lacrosse, tennis and art... any and all forms of art.

Last night we went to the spring concert at Amelia's school. I have definitely praised her school on here before, but last night was just another example of why I love that place. The songs they sang were inspirational, funny, sweet and had everyone smiling. For the last song the entire school went out into the crowd and started singing "We Are Family" while dancing. Every single person in that place was on their feet having a wonderful time. It really is a family environment there and I feel completely blessed that we get to spend 9 years there.

I have been picking away at more decor for Amelia's bedroom. I refinished a desk for her as part of her birthday present and it fits so well in her room. Her and I went shopping a few times this week and picked up some cute items. I can't wait to share the space with you all once it's finished. Although I have a feeling I'm always going to be finding cute new things to add. Her room is at least three times smaller than her last bedroom so most of her things are in our garage. Because there isn't room for all of her stuff I wanted to give her a bedroom that is both functional and fun. The photo below is a little preview. Of course we have to have a little NYC love in there.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. If it's sunny where you are, soak it up!
Ashley Elizabeth

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  1. What precious pictures of Amelia and Rudy!! That first one is my favorite. I am impressed with how well Rudy did outside. I think my cats would have looked so scared, but not yours, he's quite photogenic. Good luck revamping your yard. I'm sure you'll use it a ton since summer is right around the corner.