spring break has come to an end

"I'm ready for spring (spring break) to be over. I love you mommy, but I want to go back to school" - Amelia (kindergarten)

Spring break has come to an end. It seems like every time Amelia has a break from school and I want to do a lot of things with her, something prevents that from happening. I came down with the nasty cough/cold that she's had early on during her spring break. I still have sinus issues going on. There went our day trip to the beach, our visit to OMSI and all the other fun arts, crafts and outings I had planned. Thankfully Amelia is a really easy going kiddo and had a blast just hanging out. As "boring" as our spring break was, it was so nice to relax and spend time with my girl. Even though Mark was off from school as well, he still had to work the entire time and we didn't see a lot of him. Hopefully we won't have any sickness come up the first week of summer (his only week off). We did manage to do a few fun things. 
Amelia got to spend the night with my mom and grandma. She helped my mom decorate the tree for Easter. My mom actually started this tradition when we were younger and my grandma liked it so she started doing it at her house as well. It's always a fun thing for the littles to help out with. 

Amelia and I went downtown for a mommy/daughter date. We saw "School House Rock" put on by the Portland Children's Theater. It was a lot of fun. After we grabbed a drink at Starbucks and went shopping at Target to get a rug for her bedroom. It was such a great night! I have so many dates planned for us this summer. I can't wait. 

Today my mom, Amelia and I went to see Cinderella. It was so incredibly good. Amelia has been quite a little dud lately, not wanting to go anywhere or do anything, so she was not excited about going to the movies. She laughed throughout and said it was 'wonderful'. Mom and I both agreed that it is a movie we would go and see again. Loved it!

The next couple of weeks are going to be busy for Amelia (and me too). She starts a new term of ballet tomorrow, Wednesday she starts dancing for a new studio doing a different type of dance and the Saturday after Easter she starts lacrosse. We are going to be running all over the place; Oregon City, Beaverton, Southeast Portland... I'm tired just thinking about it. It will be so fun though. I'm excited to see her trying to activities. Well, I've got some laundry to do and a school lunch to prep so I'm off for the night. I hope you all enjoyed your spring break. I'd love to hear about the adventures you went on. Leave a comment below and share! 
Ashley Elizabeth

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  1. Glad you're feeling better and got to have a nice Spring Break together. That Easter tree is so cute. I wish we had a tiny tree to do that on in our yard. I've heard wonderful things about Cinderella so I'm anxious to see it. Good luck with your new, busier schedule for April :)