Raising her in faith

Something beautiful happened tonight. Amelia and I have a routine of reading books to one another at bedtime. Tonight Amelia came to me and asked if I could read to her. We had planned on skipping our normal story time since we were out later than usual this evening and it was already past her bedtime. Before I could answer her she said "Could you please read me the Bible Mommy?" Who could say no to such a request. I opened up her pink Bible and turned to Corinthians 13. I knew she would like this one. She gave me her complete attention. As I read to the end "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is..." she answered with a big smile before I had a chance to say it myself "love". It was a sweet moment for me as a mommy. She wanted me to continue so I turned to the very first page of the Bible and started reading again. "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth...". She interrupted me and said "God said let there be light. Did you know he rested on the seventh day? I learned that in school". I love her passion for learning. She wants to know everything she can and pays such close attention. I love that she gets a wonderful religious education at school. Being a devout Catholic my entire life I knew I wanted my children to be raised in the same faith. It makes my heart so happy that Amelia already has such a strong love for God. 

Ashley Elizabeth

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