'Thank You' Thursday

Dear Husband,
I know we haven't gotten to hang out much lately, or even talk much for that matter, but thank you for stepping away from studying to hit up the New Season wok bar with me this week. It was nice to see your face. Also, thank you for getting a haircut. I like that you are always trying to be safe, but the helmet was getting a little too big. 

Dear Amelia,
Thank you for being the most amazing kid! Even though you are so incredibly sick this week, you still have the most wonderful attitude. Also, I think we reached a major milestone in your life. One that I am truly thankful for. You haven't thrown up many times since you've been toddler age and beyond, but when you have I'm usually cleaning it up off of the floor (a perfect trail leading toward the bathroom). This week, you made it all the way into the bathroom before I was even aware of what was going on. You are growing up so fast. 

Dear Fellow Photography Friend,
If you are reading this you know who you are. Thank you so much for recommending me and my paparazzi ways to a bride. I can't wait to add another wedding to the portfolio.

Dear Mrs. Naturopath at my nearby Zoomcare,
Thank you so much for your help in getting me on the right path to feeling better. Since July/August I have felt like a sluggish zombie who wants nothing more than to spend my days sleeping. Hopefully the vitamins and supplements you have me on will give me the energy I'm used to having... or at least get me to where the hours I'm awake in a day can be counted on more than one hand (okay... a slight exaggeration, but not too far off). Speaking of vitamins... let's give a big sarcastic shout out and Thank You to Oregon. Without your awesome weather my vitamin D level might rise above a 10 (but at least the 10 is better than the 8 I rocked at my last blood draw).

Dear Jamberry,
Thank you for the awesome nail wraps that I'm currently rocking! They stand up against motherhood so much more than just regular polish. Seriously, my nails chip in a day or two after being painted so I'm loving the wraps. They last a long time and are super cute! If you don't know what Jamberry is, you can head on over to my Facebook party and check it out. 

What are you thankful for this week? 
Ashley Elizabeth

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